Spit Roasted Rolls


Spit Roasted Rolls Delivery Menu

  • Prime Rump Roast: Marinated and garnished with our special blend
    of herbs and spices.
  • Prime Loin of Pork: Basted with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and cooked to
    perfection with a rich golden crackling.
  • Supreme Ham: Gourmet smoked ham glazed to perfection.

Pick any two meats from above.

From the Carvery

Delicious spit roasted beef, pork, ham (select two meats) will be served in freshly baked mixed rolls along with Rainbow coleslaw and fresh lettuce, rich brown gravy and a selection of condiments including both sliced red onion and tomato served with a selection of pickled jams.

These will be served over a one and a half hour period.

Disposable Crockery, Serviettes, Buffet Table and Linen are all-inclusive


$17.50 (Adult)
1. Prices based on minimum of 60 adults
2. Difficult access may incur a set-up fee.