Equipment for Sale


Catering caravan

  • Dimensions: length, cabin and drawbar 5 metres
  • cabin only 3.7 metres
  • width 2.3 metres internal cabin height 1.920 metres.

Equipment list

  • 1x 2 baskets s/s Waldorf deep fryer.
  • 1 x double Waldorf deep fryer 4 baskets s/s.
  • 1 x stainless steel bench twin cupboard and shelved storage unit 1.5m.
  • 1 x s/s chip tray and scoop.
  • 1 x 900mm heat lamp unit 4 x 150watt halogen heat lamps.
  • 1 x Rinnai gas hot water heating unit. Water pump unit run by dry cell battery through 35 litre reservoir to 35 litre waste tank, fully enclosed. Lighting 2 x 1.2m neon lighting fitted with shatter covers.
  • 1 x 500mm neon lighting with cover.
  • 1 x front counter 2.9 metres long fitted with two stainless steel sinks handwashing, dish washing.
  • 6 x electrical Hotpoint's 1 x magnetic product sign board with a variety of product price choices. internal.
  • External signage 1.8 metre long by 300mm high flip up sign mounted on serving hatch.
  • External stainless steel sign holders 3 x 700mm long by 400mm high. 4 signs various products.
  • Cables 1 x 15metre caravan cable male/female waterproof caravan plugs.
  • 1 x 18 metre(new) caravan cable with water proof plug to caravan and fitted heavy duty commercial 3 pin plug.
  • 2 x 23 kilo gas tanks piped through a twin feed high capacity regulator unit.
  • The caravan holds a current PNCC Health certificate and has a electrical warrant to 2nd March 2019.

Recent maintenance

  1. both complete temperature switches thermostats for double fryer replaced with new
  2. rebuild heat lamp unit change over from heat lamps to halogen bulb technology rewire.
  3. replace gas hoses from bottles to regulators with reinforced stainless steel hoses.
  4. fit 20amp rcd electrical protection device.
  5. 2 x new waterproof caravan electrical plugs.

History: The caravan has had the double fryer refitted with double the burner capacity to allow fast reheat times you will be able to appreciate the importance of this addition in conjunction with this we use a 1.5 kilowatt immersion heater to boost capacity through high traffic occasions. I have not included this in the equipment list as it is in a poor state of repair. All external signage is vinyl lettering and can easily be removed. The caravan is clad with aluminium over steel and wood framing.

It runs on durotorque suspension for a smoother tow.

Price $19,500 ONO

American Hotdog cart 

Equipment list: hotdog carts/s serving counter/s umbrella,2 x side walls,1x rear wall, front counter cover, bain-marie containers with lids x 5.

1 x sandwich board,1100mm by 800mm.

PNCC Health License.

Maintenance: Apart from changing the odd tail light bulb and gas maintenance nothing really goes wrong with this machine.

History: I operated the hotdog cart on a site in the square for 14 years Monday to Saturday morning so the machine is very well known in the Manawatu.

The cart is a versatile piece of equipment very cheap to run a standard size gas bottle would suffice for a month of running 4 hours per day in the square site.

From a turnover point of few it is capable of producing huge numbers as an example with 3 experienced staff we were never able to sell faster than the cart could produce the cooked franks.

It was originally bought as a franchise business, that franchise no longer exists however Hamish Murphy owner of Baxter’s Catering in Wellington still owns the trademark signage so when this machine is sold I will not be able to include the great American hotdog company signage with the sale.

Price $9,500 ONO